Just a note…

This isn’t really a post – it’s just a note to say that I’ve updated the page some, including something that was kind of difficult to do (surprisingly).  In the left sidebar, I added a link to Violence Unsilenced.  Both the story of when I was raped at age 11, and the story of my abusive marriage appeared on that site.  I’m not linking back to my pages – certain family members did read them, and do have access to them – I don’t want pingbacks leading them here.  So, I’ve copied my stories and added them here as pages.  I didn’t expect it to be difficult to add them – after all, they were posted way back in 2009.  That was hard to do – I figured adding them would be no big deal, but it caught me off guard – I guess because I’m telling it to (some) new people?  I AM going to write about the end of my marriage – it was definitely traumatic, and caused some serious damage.  It didn’t end as nicely as the postscript on the page suggests it would have.  His “revelation” only lasted a few days, then it was back to normal – it was all my fault, just what I deserved.  But I survived – both the rape and the abuse.  And they both played a part in making me who I am today.  They made me stronger.

Oh – and while the postscript on the second story “revealed” my real name – it didn’t.  That was also a pseudonym, though a little closer to my real name than the previous one.  My ex is still out there – I don’t want him finding me, online or off.  I haven’t heard from him since early 2010 – when he called me and Jeff let him know that his contacting me was no longer an option.  He hasn’t bothered to contact either of the boys since then, either.  My family is out there – and the same goes for them.  I can’t risk them knowing some of what I reveal on my blog.  There’s a lot of animosity, a lot of anger, and they would eagerly use what’s written here against me, to hurt me in any way they could.

Anyway… just wanted to say that the stories are here to read.  I reread them myself, and damn, it was hard.  I also reread the comments – and because of that, I’m asking you to please subscribe to VU if you don’t already – and when a story is posted, PLEASE – read it and comment.  Even if you only type “thank you for sharing your story”… it means more than you could imagine to the person who wrote the submission.  I’ll forever be grateful for that website – it gave me a voice when I’d been silent for way too long.


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