Come Back To Me…

I didn’t mean to disappear… We left where we were to head back up north after finding out our older son was getting high again and our younger son was in the ICU – was in the area less than 72 hours and swung by my mom’s house. 

Someone (I have my suspicions who) called in an anonymous tip to the local police that we had active warrants, and sure enough, they showed up. 

I was sentenced yesterday – my probation was extended, and I’m court mandated to go to an inpatient treatment program.  Jeff will be sentenced this coming week – praying that he gets the same sentence, as opposed to the 3-5 years in state prison the prosecutor is asking for.  I miss him like crazy – it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve felt his arms around me…

But?  We’re clean and sober.  And we’re gonna stay that way.  So much to say, but it’s almost 5am, and my ass needs to be up in a few hours to start working on finding a place to stay.  Damn, it feels good to be back here.

When you find you, come back to me
Take your time, I won’t go anywhere

Picture you with the wind in your hair

I’ll keep your things right where you left them

I’ll be here for you


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